27 May 2006


Random Thoughts....

This scene is begging for:

1) an X-men appearance
2) Mulder & Scully

All this took place because Locke was too stubborn and all he can say was: "I was wrong...."

Me likey Henry NotHenry. He's vile but harmless looking. Just perfect.


What happens to Jin, Sun & Sayid, in a boat somewhere?
What happens to Desmond, Ecko & Locke, in the hatch and injured? Are they even alive?
What happens to Jack, Sawyer & Kate, now captured by The Others Theater Company? Where are they taking them?
What's that big foot doing there? And yeah, why only four toes?
Has Rousseau seen big foot in her 16 years in the island?
Has Rousseau seen Desmond's partner, who lies dead in an open space in the island?
So Michael and Walt --- written off the show?
Isn't Michael the biggest jerk than Sawyer?
So is all this just the result of the doomed love story between Penny and Desmond?
How much money does Penny have?
Why did Libby give her boat to a total stranger? Is she that crazy?


Had seen the episode twice. Hoping to find answers but who am I kidding? Second viewieng rendered useless. Void growing bigger.

It's not right to toy with viewer's mind!

Season 2 - Episode 24 Live Together, Die Alone
Original Airing: May 24, 2006
Network: ABC