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17 November 2009

Want to watch something really funny? Try THE MIDDLE

There's some really good comedy in the show, The Middle. And there's not a lot of buzz surrounding it. Yet.

If you aren't watching (and why haven't you??!), it's this family series starring Patricia Heaton, Neil Flynn (the Janitor from Scrubs) and their three....very strange kids. It's a lot like Malcolm in The Middle in a way. But The Middle zeroes in on the role of the mother more. After all, she tells the story in every episode.

I'm no big fan of Patricia Heaton. I used to not like her character on Everybody Loves Raymond thinking she's so uptight. And I thought she was worse on Back To You....Just something about her isn't likeable.

I don't know what changed this time. It's like with each episode I watch of The Middle every week, there's a voice in my head saying it wouldn't mind if Patricia Heaton wins another award for this one.

Now that we're popping old episodes of Raymond on DVD, I see her from a different angle. She is a wonderful actress.

Apart from her, Neil Flynn and the kids do an amazing job playing supporting cast. Flynn always was great with his delivery and timing. If you're watching Scrubs, you know what I mean. And the kids? I don't even know where to begin describing them. But I guess it's enough to say they make this show a lot, lot, lot more worth watching.

This video will perhaps help convince you to give this show some viewing time:

Trust me when I say that it's a gem of a series!


  1. i like this show. the kid is fantastic at being weird. even the eldest son is so good at playing the slacker kid. the way he moves "pag tinatamad"... ang galing. and it has its touching moments as well.

  2. The kids are great no? Each with a special trait. Si Sue she really makes me laugh every time! Parang I look forward to her bloopers. Her yearbook photo episode, tawa ako ng tawa.

  3. I'm so glad you're finally realizing how great of an actress Patricia Heaton is! I'm in love with The Middle and it's one of my favorite shows!! I really hope it starts to get recognized more!