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01 May 2006

Too Little TV?

...make that too little updates.

I've been tuning mostly to Crime/Suspense and JackTV cable shows the last couple of weeks. I just discovered a wonderful sitcom called, That's 70's Show there (Jack TV). I am 8 seasons too late. That 70's Show is taking its last bow this May... and I just recently found myself tuning to JackTV for its first season run (8:00PM and 12NN daily).

I am about to watch Grey's Anatomy, Lost, CoC and Scrubs episodes in a few. All these shows are wrapping up this season. But that doesn't mean there's going to be less TV for me because Summer Season premieres? --- just around the corner! Several new shows to look forward to (whoohooo!)for June-July-August run. And best of all, Big Brother USA and Australian Idol come back for Season 7 and 4 respectively! Wheeeeee!

Closing this entry with this one: something that rarely happens on PinoyTV but once it does, expectedly, it gets a lot of buzz. Just check how many hosted videos this guy had on Youtube and you'll know what I mean:

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