24 March 2014


Things are not making sense right now.

Well, okay they are. They make good sense. Especially, since you could rationalize that what has happened this week (Season 5 Episode 15) is all in a day's work on television.

But right now, I'm in still in shock.

And I'm angry and bitter.

It's taking so much from me to try and not tweet Josh Charles, whom I've loved since Sports Night,  to tell him --- HOW DARE HE DO THIS TO FANS OF THE SHOW! (It was a career move, you guys!)

 Even after reading this:
From The Good Wife's Facebook Page
...and getting why the show needed to do what they've done in a way that guts my heart, I'm taking it all very personal.

Maybe in a few weeks, I'll calm down and see that, tragedy and shock aside, this was an incredible feat for network TV. Maybe in a few weeks, I would be grateful for how superior and daring the writers were... to come up with this storyline in secret, and executing it with the kind of perfection only attributed to high-profile cable shows. Maybe in a few weeks, I'll appreciate the beauty of this blindside. Maybe in a few weeks, I will respect the actor's decision.

But today, I'm grieving and I'm finding it hard to process and move on...

F*ck, f*ck, f*ck you for doing this!