18 March 2014

5 Reasons Why I'm Excited for GOTHAM

You know that pre-Batman series that's in the works on Fox next season? Gotham? I've been meaning to write something about this.  Since the series was announced as "in development" I already grew excited for it. What makes me so keen on this series is because it has so much potential to become the next big thing.

Gotham's main story is on James Gordon as a young detective, way before becoming the one Commissioner who would work alongside a certain caped-crusader. The series will explore his beginnings, as well as the beginning of his friendship with Batman.

Ben McKenzie (Southland, The OC) was tapped to play young Commissioner Gordon and today, photos of him in action have been released online.


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He's Reason #1 for why I'm practically rooting for this show.

I liked Ben McKenzie in Southland. I wouldn't have any idea who could play the Commissioner better than him, but I think picking him was a good choice. He seems to be a committed actor.

Reason #2 for why I think Gotham has so much potential to be a hit is this guy: Donal Logue, who is going to be Gordon's mentor.  People earlier thought he would be playing the Commissioner.

I've loved Logue's work on Terriers, and I find him so underrated. To be involved in a series that's going to have millions tuning in means he's finally going to get the recognition he deserves.

Reason #3 is Bruno Heller, the show's creator.

Heller is the man behind The Mentalist, which --- up until last season at least ---  is one of the most clever shows on network TV.  Maybe that's why The Mentalist hasn't been doing so well lately. It's because Heller's been busy developing Gotham.

Reason #4 is Jada Pinket Smith.

She's playing the role of a gangster boss in this show. Can you already imagine her? She's going to be so badass! And I cannot wait to see this!

Reason # 5 is David Mazouz, the young kid who will be playing Bruce Wayne.

Mazouz last show on TV was Touch, where he had no speaking lines (or at least when I was watching it, I didn't hear him say anything at all), as his character was odd.

I'm sure that role was challenging for him, but he's going to play Batman now, so this must be more exciting.

Gotham has so much going for it and its producers say this show should be treated differently as the franchise, even as classic Batman villains are expected to be in the story.

The series is set to premiere during the upcoming 2014 - 2015 Season, which starts this September.