11 July 2012

Animal Planet Presents: My Cat From Hell [Sponsored Video]

I admit I'm more of a dog person than a cat person. I find dogs goofier, while you hardly get a reaction from cats. This doesn't mean I think cats are less cuter. And I'm not saying dogs are better pets. I just think that cats are better for people who are quite...zen. Or structured. And I also think they require less maintenance.

Or so I thought...

The video (see below) has proven me wrong. I've got so much more to learn about cats, I realize.

I have my share of dogs from hell. With 7 Jack Russells, our household is in a constant frenzy. I didn't know that cats have their "issues" too! Their master's commitment to addressing and correcting these behavioral concerns are just the same with the rest of us dog-parents. Anything for our fur-babies, right?

If you're a cat lover or a pet-lover in general, you'll probably want to watch this:

The devilish cats in Animal Planet’s My Cat From Hell have lashed out for their last time! And their frustrated owners are turning to cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy to transform these feisty felines into loving cats. Watch Galaxy change the bad behavior through his unique and custom techniques on all new episodes of My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet, Saturdays at 8pm e/p.

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