20 July 2011

First Thoughts: What I Love about WEB THERAPY with Lisa Kudrow

I should be blogging something longer. Lisa Kudrow deserves all the love (and the blog space!).

But I'm seriously lacking sleep and I know I might not make any sense (about to turn in and get my Zzz's).

But, but, but I want to get this out there before I forget what I want to say about her new show, Web Therapy.

In a word it's --  LOVE!!

I loved it. I enjoyed it. I was grinning as I was watching it.

  • I love that Lisa Kudrow has perfected the art for playing strange people. Her Fiona is delusional and so full of herself, and yet so strangely likeable.
  • I love that Victor Garber plays the husband. I love their whole banter. Their marriage is also quite strange, which I also love.
  • I love Web Therapy's format. Somehow it feels like a British series.
  • I love the necklace Fiona wears on the show. I've a serious, serious love for it.  =)
  • I love that there's a blooper reel at the end of the episode. And Lisa's darn cute in it!
  • I love that Courteney Cox is coming in a succeeding episode. I hear it's gonna be hilarious. Meryl Streep's gonna be in one, too.
  • I love that Lisa Kudrow has thought of doing this after her other bid for a TV comeback after Friends failed. She did The Comeback, which was an unappreciated gem.
  • I love that Showtime decided to turn this 10-minute webisode (which started in 2008) into a half hour TV program.
  • I love the she and Matt Le Blanc both have shows on Showtime (Matt has Episodes). If only Matthew Perry follows them there.

And I would love it if you go watch Web Therapy, too... and come back here to tell me what you love about it!