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14 March 2014

Stirred by PORTLANDIA's Theme Song

I get a kick out of listening to this theme song each time I watch an episode of Portlandia.

I don't know why I love it so much. But it stirs up something in me. Whenever I hear it, I don't know if I wanna cry, or slow dance, or fall asleep. I can't describe if the song makes me happy or sad, but it makes me feel something.


I had a similar thing with House's theme song (Teardrop from Massive Attack).

There are opening themes to TV shows where I hit the fast forward button because they're not interesting enough and I just feel that it delays my viewing process. Most recently, I've skipped True Detective's coz I didn't like the song, no matter how interesting the visuals are.

But for Portlandia (and House), I always let it play out. Sometimes I even go back to listen to it a second time before I watch the episode.

Is there a TV theme song that does the same for you?

Portlandia is a comedy sketch show on IFC, currently on its 4th season.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe too late for you to see, but Portlandia's intro does something to me that nothing else can! I always get chills and feel like I should just drift off somewhere. I could watch that intro forever I think...