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25 March 2014

Casting Couch: Reunite the men of SPORTS NIGHT (aka I need to see Will Gardner on TV again!!!)

Now that Josh Charles is free to work on another TV show (because, if you didn't know --- he friggin' died on The Good Wife last night!), could Parenthood at least have him visit an old friend?

Josh Charles sat next to Peter Krause on Sports Night.
They played anchors Casey McCall (Krause) and Dan Rydell (Charles).
Krause is now on Parenthood.

And perhaps bring along this guy, as he may also be close to death on Scandal, anyway. (I mean, I would guess. That show also loves its surprises!)

Joshua Malina played Jeremy, an executive producer on Sports Night.
He worked with Dan and Casey.
Malina is a State's Attorney on Scandal now.

If this guy ^ doesn't die on Scandal yet, then could Josh Charles suit up and play Will Gardner on his show? Can he team up or go against Malina's David Rosen?

So, Parenthood & Scandal, I'm posing this as a challenge --- who is going to make this reunion happen?

 I need something to help me get over Josh Charles' departure on The Good Wife!!!

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  1. Now that Josh Charles is free to work on another TV show (because, Wilson Trophy