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26 July 2011

Dodged A Bullet: Wonder Woman 2011 Pilot That Never Was

While a few people were able to watch the David E. Kelley Wonder Woman pilot last May, I --- along with the rest of the common people --- had to wait for someone to leak this online so I can take a peek at it.

Everyone's been saying it's THAT bad. I like Adrianne Palicki and would love to see more of her on television. And I thought my fondness for her would suffice trying to digest the pilot episode.

Sadly, by the 20-minute mark, I was ready to give up on it.

They made her character --- Diana Prince/ Wonder Woman/Diana Therma-whatever --- so unlikeable.

I have little recollection of Diana Prince back in the 80's. I was between 6-8 when Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman was on television. I think the only reason why I watched the show then was to see her do that turn, as she changed into her costume. That's my most vivid memory of the 80's series.

I faintly remember, however, that Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman was classy and elegant. She was nice, she was pleasant and she had no hang-ups.

This Wonder Woman?

She had issues thicker than the September issue of Vogue.

She was tough. She was edgy. She behaved like a brute. She had angst. She was vindictive.  If she grunted and if she wasn't wearing a costume that emphasized her "tits" (and yes, this Wonder Woman says words like "tits"), she might as well be I-Wonder- If- You're-A-Man.


Adrianne is a lovely woman.  But this show had a way of making her look less pretty, like a drag queen chasing after that bad guy running on the street.

Her boots had powers as well. One second it had 2-inch heels, the next second, it was flat like rainboots. Her boobs were distracting.

The opening scene felt like I was watching House. And one of the characters, played by Cary Elwes, was so familiar, like he's Wilson.

Her third identity watches The Notebook. And is a lonely, single woman without any friends. Perhaps it was a way to humanize her, but the angsty Wonder Woman is enough to fill up a therapist's schedule, that I can tell.

I did not enjoy the fighting scenes. The truth was, it was more empowering to watch Lynda Carter twirl than to see this chick kick butt.

A great storyline would've been a saving grace, but somewhere between the cheesy dialogues and the whole production, the show lost me.

Obviously, I have so many issues with this pilot, too.  Passing up on this was a good call for it really would be slaughtered by viewers.

Have you taken a peek at the Wonder Woman pilot? Your verdict?

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