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20 August 2010

Prize received and a Birthday Contest Promo coming up!!

The winner of the first-ever contest last July has received her Cougar Town DVD prize. I screen capped this as her acknowledgement. Congratulations again! =)

Next month, I'm turning a year older (waaah!) and as promised, I'm running another contest. I am thinking of giving away another set of TV DVD. I just know which yet...it's hard to pick a title knowing there's so many good shows out there I want for you to start watching or get really hooked.

Anyway, please stay tuned. =)


  1. Pretty Little Liars?

    Rizzoli and Isles?

    complete LOST DVDs


    FRIENDS? hahaha

  2. Was thinking either PLL, R&I or LUx....but wala pang TV sets. For production pa lang, Maybe whatever show wins the Emmy's on 30th for Best Drama/Comedy.