04 March 2013

TV News: Enlightened, Keifer Sutherland, Pilot Casting Updates & More

I haven't done this round of TV news the last couple of weeks since 1) I lost good internet speed the week before; and 2) I lost my sanity and energy the week after. And how have you been?

They're doing the Paley Fest for TV in New York this weekend. Going to this event is something I have on my bucket list...if I kept a bucket list. Wait, are bucket lists supposed to also mean "wishlist", which then means "it's never gonna happen"?

I caught up with some TV since I wasn't able to watch any during my downtimes and two of the most fun I've had during those times were watching CASTLE and PERSON OF INTEREST. Castle's two-part episode involved the kidnapping of Alexis, where she ended up in Paris. It's cool to see Alexis' instincts coming to play and then watching Castle at his most vulnerable? A first for the show. I didn't know Nathan Fillion could do drama like that. It was quite good!

Person of Interest had Sarah Shahi playing the female version of John Reese's character and she was pretty badass. I am hoping they get her as a regular cast member.

It's interesting how I favor watching procedurals now over serialized shows and their mythologies, when several years ago, during the era of LOST, I got so tired of the repetitiveness of procedurals. These days, there are only a handful of serialized shows I can appreciate and most of them are cable programs (and that one from Netflix --- HOUSE OF CARDS --- so good!).

Anyway, the news I've gathered from the last two weeks:

FX orders season two of THE AMERICANS |  via TV Media Insights. I thought this show started out with so much promise, but the 2nd and 3rd episode didn't pick up. The last episode did though and I hope it really turns around because I love the people in it!

Finally! Nielsen will adjust its TV ratings system | via Huffington Post.

"ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ Recasts Mad Hatter Role With An Eye Toward Spinoff" | via Deadline. Milking cow. Hate it.

"James Van Der Beek cast as gynecologist in CBS comedy pilot" | via Entertainment Weekly. The only one left without a new show from the cast of DON'T TRUST THE BITCH in APT 23 is Dreama Walker.

"Community’s Ken Jeong Joins ABC Comedy Pilot Spy" |  via Deadline. He's either leaving COMMUNITY next season or there's no more Community next season.

"Shaq To Guest Star On Southland" | via Access Hollywood.

"Smash's Jack Davenport joins ITV's Breathless" | via TV Rage.

TV Trend: "The Decline of Snark and the Return of Sweetness" | via Harvard Business Review.

Helen Hunt is directing an episode of REVENGE. Her episode will air Mar 10th | via TV Guide. Speaking of, I saw the actress in the movie THE SESSIONS...and it was uncomfortable to watch her.

Gillian Anderson joins this NBC pilot along with Rachael Taylor | via TV Line. I think fandom geeks on the internet broke the internet for a day with this news.

Jamie Bell signs up for this period drama for AMC. The actor is best known for the movie BILLY ELLIOT | via TV Line. I still think of Jamie Bell as that young kid in that movie so sometimes, I'm not convinced he's that grown up dude I keep seeing.

"The producers of ABC’s BODY OF PROOF had a choice: Change the series or get cancelled" | via Slate. I didn't like changes made on BODY OF PROOF at all. Liked the old team just fine. Now? Show's become much, much more generic/formulaic.

"ENLIGHTENED is TV’s best show right now—and it needs more viewers" | via AV Club. "Part of the problem may be how hard it is to describe Enlightened." That's exactly my problem, too! If you were to ask why I love ENLIGHTENED, I won't be able to find the exact words. Every time an episode ends I'm just in awe. The show's really simple. The characters aren't extra-ordinary. The acting is tops. Just dunno what makes me like it so much.

What women like to watch: Gory, Raunchy and Bro-Filled TV Series Are a Hit With Women | via AdWeek.

I truly love this. They had the simplest wedding. Ben & Leslie's Wedding Album from PARKS AND RECREATION | via Pinterest.

Alicia Silverstone to star in the TV drama series "HR" (as in Human Resources) | via Deadline.

Don't go hatin' on Andrea so much. The actress playing her wants changes to her character, too (THE WALKING DEAD) | via Huffington Post.

WOW! "American Horror Story Season 3 Pits Jessica Lange Against… Kathy Bates!" | via TV Line.

NBC wants Keifer Sutherland in a show that's like THE FOLLOWING | via Entertainment Weekly. He's being tapped to play the bad guy. This probably means his other show TOUCH is going to be cancelled. I have lots of issues with Touch, the same way I had issues with HEROES. Both shows are from the same creator.

NEW GIRL's weakest link: Cece? | via Glamour. But her character was the only thing that kept me watching Season 1. This season (2nd)? Not so much.

Why Dana Delany passed on playing Carrie Bradshaw | via Huffington Post.

18 of the worst-dressed characters on TV. Who's the biggest offender? | via TV Guide.

Have these 24 shows worn out their welcome on your TV? | via TV Guide.

I started a new project last Monday and it's taking up most of my morning's work load. Which means that the daily news round up is going to be delayed to the later part of the day. But I still would like to manage doing this, if not daily, at least pretty regularly, while I'm still trying to get adjusted to new schedules. Please bear with me. :)