03 January 2012

Which TV Show did Jeremy Renner star in?

Jeremy Renner is coming to the Philippines this January and will be filming his latest movie,  "Bourne Legacy", in the streets of Metro Manila.

Before the actor became a Hollywood A-lister and before he earned an Oscar actor nomination twice over, he did a TV show that, sadly, didn't not make it after 10 episodes.

In 2009, Jeremy Renner did "The Unusuals" for ABC. The series ran around mid-season. The series, however, underperfomed with ratings and the show was not renewed.

All I can remember about this show was that this was a well-written crime series (funny, smart and sometimes serious) that didn't find its audience quickly. At that time "The Unusuals" was on, it had a unique and interesting premise (Now? It's sort of what "Pretty Little Liars" is about, huh?). So different was the show's story that maybe, it's partly the reason why it never clicked with the viewers.

Each of the characters in "The Unusuals" had their dirty little secret and someone was using all these secrets to get to them or use it against them. I'm not quite sure, but I seem to remember that one of the characters believed he had superpowers.  Or I may be confusing this with some other show!

Anyway, here are some photos and clips from "The Unusuals":

Were you able to catch this show when it was on?