03 December 2011

Recommend a show I should be watching during this Winter Hiatus, please.

Early this week, I told myself I should be getting back to watching Entourage.

The last time I caught it on TV, Turtle still had all those...uh... baby fats. I knew somewhere in the middle of the series, he went serious about working out, got buffed and scored the pretty chick.

But by then, I've stopped watching the show. And I don't why. And I've forgotten what went on.

So, I planned on re-watching. From beginning to end. Only, what I thought was three (3) seasons long, it turns out? It's actually eight (8) seasons.

Where was I when Entourage was on air for EIGHT SEASONS??? That's as much seasons as Curb Your Enthusiasm. I did not realize they debuted at the same time.

Just thinking about how many episodes I have to watch to catch up is making me tired. Is it worth spending time over? Should I go ahead and watch all 96 episodes of Entourage?

If not this show, then what else is there I must follow? I still have a long list, to be honest. Before you make a suggestion, you have to know these:

  • My ultimate goal? The one show I should be able to watch before I die ---- The Wire? Ehh. Could not even finish two seasons. Darn series come with episodes that are too long and heavy. No wonder they call it "Shakesperean". :P 
  • I keep saying I've never seen Alias past the first season. Or Gilmore Girls. I am missing a lot, I know that.  I keep saying that a lot, too. :P  And I keep putting it off, just the same. I think its relevance is already lost on me. 
  • I would like to get on with Fringe, but I think I'm not mentally ready for that right now.

So, given all that --- what show should I be checking out this holiday break?