19 June 2011

Don Draper's Letter To His Wife, Betty

Dear Betty,

I'm sitting in the Roosevelt looking at the backs of Bobby and Sally's heads as they watch TV. I'm not letting them change the channel because watching the news makes me sick and they can see it.

I think about you and how I behaved and my regret. I know it's my fault that you are not here right now. I think about tomorrow where you'll be and the day after that as well.

I understand why you feel it's better to go on without me and I know that you won't be alone for very long, but without you I'll be alone forever.

I love you,

And even after that, they still went on with a divorce in the 3rd season.

Yes, I'm catching up on Mad Men.

Yes, I'm a couple of years late.

And yes, the show is good.