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03 December 2011

Recommend a show I should be watching during this Winter Hiatus, please.

Early this week, I told myself I should be getting back to watching Entourage.

The last time I caught it on TV, Turtle still had all those...uh... baby fats. I knew somewhere in the middle of the series, he went serious about working out, got buffed and scored the pretty chick.

But by then, I've stopped watching the show. And I don't why. And I've forgotten what went on.

So, I planned on re-watching. From beginning to end. Only, what I thought was three (3) seasons long, it turns out? It's actually eight (8) seasons.

Where was I when Entourage was on air for EIGHT SEASONS??? That's as much seasons as Curb Your Enthusiasm. I did not realize they debuted at the same time.

Just thinking about how many episodes I have to watch to catch up is making me tired. Is it worth spending time over? Should I go ahead and watch all 96 episodes of Entourage?

If not this show, then what else is there I must follow? I still have a long list, to be honest. Before you make a suggestion, you have to know these:

  • My ultimate goal? The one show I should be able to watch before I die ---- The Wire? Ehh. Could not even finish two seasons. Darn series come with episodes that are too long and heavy. No wonder they call it "Shakesperean". :P 
  • I keep saying I've never seen Alias past the first season. Or Gilmore Girls. I am missing a lot, I know that.  I keep saying that a lot, too. :P  And I keep putting it off, just the same. I think its relevance is already lost on me. 
  • I would like to get on with Fringe, but I think I'm not mentally ready for that right now.

So, given all that --- what show should I be checking out this holiday break?



  1. Try Being Human (UK), Boardwalk Empire, Enlightened, Mildred Pierce and Sherlock.

  2. Thank you!! =) I do follow Sherlock. That's a good show! =) It is back on?

    I've got to get back on Enlightened. I stopped on the fourth episode, but I did read it's getting better.That's what I'm gonna do now.

    Ditto with Boardwalk Empire, which I didn't finish (first season). This goes on my list.

    Being Human is something I've never even peeked into. Will check out info.

  3. La Femme Nikita is better than Alias, and psych is funny if you're into that

  4. So I know I'm a little late in responding (winter break is near the end) and I also have no idea what you have or have not seen yet as I just stumbled onto your blog today, but I love recommending shows so I'll do it anyway.

    How I Met Your Mother
    White Collar
    The Big Bang Theory