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01 June 2014

The Better Story Project: TV Talk with Women about Women on TV (and the media in general)

If I were to tell you that I watch, on average, a total of 50 shows in a week, you'd probably want to tell me to...

"Get a life, sestra!"

But I can't blame you. TV addiction is unhealthy. Science says so. Unfortunately, I don't listen to science. Ha-ha. And these women I met and got to talk about TV over the weekend probably don't, either.

Photo credit: BnPHome | Instagram
Aia, Jenn, me, Rebecca, Isa, Bea, Mikka, Cookie and Greta (?) Sorry for not getting your name right.  :(

I was relieved to meet strangers --- people other than my longtime friends (from Girltalk and beyond) who love TV; young, promising women who have careers, families and passion --- who watch the same amount of TV as I do, if not more.

I was relieved to find strangers who understood why Olivia Pope has Low EQ. :P


The 3-hour session was organized by The Better Story Project. The idea was to discuss the impact some of our well-loved (and not so admired) female TV characters and media personalities have in our lives. The talk was also a reflection on the good and bad portrayals of Women in Television.

Art work by Aia | aiaaaa.net

Someone mentioned Veronica Mars as a strong influence. Another discussed her admiration for Kathryn Janeway (Star Trek). The younger women picked Taylor Swift (being in my 40's, I couldn't relate to the personality, unfortunately), and one said she's inspired by Claire Underwood (House of Cards) and CJ Cregg (The West Wing) because of the nature of her work.

When one of the women chose Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights) as her role model, my eyes lit up because I, too, relate to her character so much as a mother of a teenager. I like Tami's parenting style, the way she handles problems, or how she gives advice to people about their problems. In short, she's one of the characters I aspire to be. Except, I don't have Tami's maturity (as evidenced below).

I did this back in 2009 and posted it on Facebook.
I have no shame
The original photo. 

A few made a comment about Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones) being so misunderstood, when in fact, she's a strong female character. Having only the TV series as basis, this was a totally different opinion of her that made me appreciate the character better now. (Although, I have been noticing how 4th-season Sansa has been such an improvement than 1st-season Sansa.)

We also discussed Miley Cyrus vs. Taylor Swift --- both girls doing what they want while they are young, albeit going in different directions --- Lena Dunham and Girls (I'm glad to know I'm not the only one feeling feelsssssss!!!), the Kardashians (I can't escape the Kardashians!), and Kris Aquino (bwahahhha!)

Overall, it was a fun and enjoyable afternoon spent with girls who appreciate and embody "TV addiction". Contrary to what science says, we do learn from watching these shows and, sometimes, apply these in real life. TV helps us cope with realities. These characters mirror real people; they mirror us.

I'm glad I chose to go even if I had zero idea what would happen and I didn't know anyone. (The common symptom of a TV addict: socially-challenged, being secluded from the outside world!)

Thank you, Lornadahl for tagging me and letting me know about this! Thank you The Better Story Project for coming up with this talk!

I would enjoy a part 2, perhaps, at a later time? There will be more female TV characters to celebrate and relate to, challenging TV's perception of women, with new shows like Madam Secretary, Extant, Bad Judge, The Astronauts Wives Club, The Mysteries of Laura, and How To Get Away With Murder starting in a few months!