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30 June 2011

MindyTV on WorkingMom Magazine July 2011 Issue

Yes, we got printed!!!! I mean, I wrote a piece for Working Mom Magazine (July 2011, ABS-CBN Publishing) and it has been published. The mag is now at the newsstands. (Php 120, Richard & Lucy cover)

And yes, that's my by-line. That's my given name (Alright, pet name. But that's what everybody calls me.) It's the first and so far, *only*, print publication that I've had the name I go with printed.

I do regularly contribute to another local print TV Magazine. But over there, I go by a different by-line. Just because...

I seldom mention this fact about contributing to TV Guide Philippines (Php 85 at National Bookstore) because I'm not a writer, *writer*.  Because I believe you'd have to be really good (no lapses in tenses, grammar, flow and thought) to call yourself *that*.  If you regularly follow this blog, then you know how flaky I write about stuff sometimes. :P And I bet you didn't know there's such a magazine, hehe.(Our readers are expats, mostly!)

So yes, I earn money from sidelines that have to do with writing.

But my full-time career is as a homemaker. Who is, admittedly, forever glued to the TV. And who endlessly talks about television. (Thus, I gave birth to this blog six years ago. TA-DAH!!)

So...actually being printed in  a major magazine and seeing my by-line there is a HUGE deal!

Thank you so much to Dedet Reyes-Panabi, the talented genius behind Working Mom Magazine (she's the Editor-In-Chief) and her husband, Mel Panabi, for this chance. I was a nervous wreck when Dedet told me about writing a piece for the mag. But she was encouraging, so nice to talk to and was clear about what was needed.

So, here it is...a teeny-weeny milestone for this clicker-hogging, TV-addicted Mom-blogger.

Very, very grateful! =)

Go buy, ha?? :P