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09 December 2010

Buddy TV's Top 10 TV for 2010

Buddy TV's list this year consisted of 10 Top Shows as well as 20 Honorable Mentions. I'll dispense with the honorable mentions and put their best ten ---

  • #10 Louie
  • #9 Damages
  • #8 Raising Hope
  • #7 Mad Men
  • #6 The Big C
  • #5 The Vampire Diaries
  • #4 Chuck
  • #3 Breaking Bad
  • #2 Lost 
  • #1 Community

As with the previous list from NY Mag, Community is at their #1. I can't argue with that. It's one of the shows my son and I bond over. The laughs are fresh and clever. Community probably beats 30 Rock when it comes quality writing, too. 

Good to see Raising Hope and The Big C on this list. Those would be part of mine also.

The legendary Paintball Fight in Community

1 comment:

  1. Surprised why Lost isn't on the top spot. Must be some other criteria.