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04 November 2008

TV Ratings [11.02.08]

Didn't have this all week last week coz I had the attack of the lazy's.

The Simpsons won last Sunday. It had its highest rating in five years and the highest in its demo.

Brothers and Sisters' ratings slid. Popwatch thinks the show needs to be fixed. I'm thinking Nora needs to get her hair done. Do you think the show's losing its luster?

I've missed watching The Amazing Race the last two weeks. I've got to get back on track!

8.00 Block
Sunday Night Football NBC 14.22 M/5.3 demo
The Simpsons Fox 12.48 M/6.2 demo
Extreme Makeover ABC 11.69 M/3.8 demo
Football Night In America NBC 10.22 M/2.8 demo
The Amazing Race CBS 9.76 M/2.8 demo
King Of The Hill Fox 8.60 M/4.3 demo
Valentine (Repeat) The CW 0.77 M/.2 demo

9.00 Block
Desperate Housewives ABC 15.83 M/5.8 demo
Sunday Night Football NBC 14.22 M/5.3 demo
Cold Case CBS 11.64 M/2.6 demo
Family Guy Fox 9.97 M/5.0 demo
American Dad Fox 7.20 M/3.7 demo
Easy Money (Repeat) The CW 0.65 M/.2 demo

10.00 Block
Sunday Night Football NBC 14.22 M/5.3 demo
Brothers & Sisters ABC 9.72 M/3.4 demo
The Unit CBS 8.97 M/2.3 demo

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