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22 May 2008

The Idol is a Cook!

Yahoo! And for the record, I love, love the 2nd photo. :)


  1. Whew, Mindy I'm still at awe... I love David Cook, grabe as in I LOVE HIM!!!

    I thought DA would win because of the young vote but goodness the yummylicious DC won!

    Got a tag for you nga pala here:

    btw, pwede ba akong sumali sa GT Bloggers?? hehe

  2. Hi Ems!!!

    Maka-David Cook ka rin pala. Whoohoo!

    Sige I'll add you up when the system is fixed. Was trying to add blogs since the other day...ayaw. May prob yata. But will let you know pag okay na. :)

  3. whoa! another carly-mj shipper. too bad, they're both married. at least we saw them together. <3

  4. Ah, yeah. Their number was hot. :) And this photo says a lot about how chummy they are. Makes me wanna join and hug them too. Hehe.