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01 March 2008

Lost S4 E5 The Constant

There clearly are lots of questions to this episode once again (does it ever run out?) But I really just wanna forget that. All I wanna do is watch this video over and over...it's the most beautifully brilliantly orchestrated moment on TV.

Click here for the RECAPS. But I got to tell you, the episode really turned my brain into shit. I swear it. Any recap will do little to make sense of what just happened. It's really best if you WATCH THE EPISODE. It's just a different experience.

This episode is a winner.


  1. I just watched this episode. Waaaah!!! Definitely one for the books. How many years did or will Penny wait??

  2. I read that they will meet in the flesh at the end of the season...it's going to be the season ender for Season 4.