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07 July 2007


Today is 07.07.07

Seven things I'll watch today:
- Knocked Up
- Big Brother USA Season 8 opener
- Burn Notice Episode 2
- Meadowlands Episode 3
- Deep Impact, coz I just feel like it
- Revisit Seinfeld or Coupling, which I've been thinking about doing the whole time this week
- a cartoon or kid movie with my son, mandatory on weekends.


  1. I know for sure that this video is of Monica teaching Chonandeler Bong some moves! And she kept on blurting out number combination, and in the end it was all seven! And on the last one - she did not say it and just put up her fingers!

    This is such a classic Friends moment... *Sigh*

  2. I super miss it!! Sigh....

    Mag-marathon nga tayo Minds!! :)

  3. Maybe we should do a Friend's project or something! Keeping the spirit alive...