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09 January 2006

If Doogie Were To Blog Today

Doogie Howser, M.D. - Season One
***From the Journals of Doogie Howser, M.D.***

January 9, 2006... Can't sleep. Had too much coffee. Watched DVDs of some 16-year old kid genius / doctor... They all dress funny. What the heck, it's the late 80's.
Loved this show. Too bad the actor who starred in it can't get on board shows as good as this any longer.

Doogie Howser, M.D.: is a television show about a 16 year old child prodigy named Douglas Howser (known to his friends and family as Doogie). He went through high school in 9 weeks, graduated from Princeton at age 10, and passed his medical board at 14. As a 16-year-old Doctor in a busy hospital, Doogie, played by Neil Patrick Harris, has to figure out how to be a professional and adult doctor, while dealing with adolescence and his first experiences in life, such as his first kiss with Wanda Plenn (Lisa Dean Ryan) and his horny best friend/neighbor, Vinnie (Max Casella). On top of these, he is still a kid who lives with his parents played by James Sikking and Belinda Montgomery.

Throughout the rest of the season, Doogie learns lessons in each episode ranging from birth to death. The end of each episode has Doogie sitting at his computer writing a small passage of what he learned in the episode. The passages are cheesy, but are also meant for children so they fully understand the point of the episode.


Doogie Howser, MD was my Friday night favorite. I was still in high school at that time and this was what everyone else was watching on TV. It came on at around 8:30 PM just right before 90210.

Watching the DVDs now bring back lots of memories....like talking and giggling on the phone with my bestfriend while we both watched the show and compared notes. Ah, high school. *sigh*

Doogie Howser, M.D.
Network: ABC


  1. I just finished Harold and Kumar. Nandun pala si Neil Patrick Harris. Sobrang gwapo pa din. I used to watch Doogie Howser before...haiz... kakakilig no?

    Plus, make NPH's hair black..kamukha na nya yung first bf ko. hahah. (wish ko lang di nya to mabasa! haha)

  2. ay naku, i remember this show. kasabayan pa niya macgyver diba? atsaka mission: impossible (the tv show). my bestfriend and i would exchange "e-mails" (letters saved in diskettes--o diba, high-tech na kami noon pa. at floppy pa yung disk namin!) and swoon over the leads. heh.

  3. I loved this show. I still remember his journal entry from the VERY FIRST EPISODE:

    "Kissed my first girl. Lost my first patient. Life will never be the same again."

    Doogie Howser. Vinnie Delpino. Wanda. :D